§ 1


  1. These Regulations set out the terms and conditions for using the edolando.com website

  2. The provisions of these Regulations relate in particular to the rights and obligations of Website Users.

  3. The Regulations and the Website use the following terms:

  1. Operator – Rdeo sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, ul. Złota 7/18, 00-019 Warszawa, NIP 525-256-02-15, REGON: 146780855

  2. Edolando.com – a term used on the Website, which means the company Rdeo Sp.z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, ul. Złota 7/18, 00-019 Warsaw, NIP 525-256-02-15, REGON: 146780855

  3. Website – the Edolando.com website featuring, among others, Information page, Panel, Platform,

  4. Information page – the Edolando.com website before logging in,

  5. Platform – a Panel module that allows, among others to manage Participants, trainings and other functionalities available in the Panel for Users and Participants, allowing, among others:

  • import and export or removal of training materials uploaded by the User,

  • import of training and other materials from the Training Creator,

  1. Editor – a Panel module that allows you to create and modify online training provided in the Users Panel, enabling the export of materials to the Platform,

  2. Service – a service offered by the Operator to Users and Participants,

  3. Package – the type of Service selected by the User from the Services offered by the Operator as part of the Website and the Cart,

  4. User – a natural person, legal person or organizational unit without legal personality who, after accepting the Regulations, has gained access to the Services offered by the Operator, in accordance with the Package created or purchased, having superior administrative rights towards the Participant; The User registers in the role of Business or Trainer,

  5. Business – Users registered in the Business role gain free access to the Panel for a period of 14 days,

  6. Trainer – a User registered as a Trainer gains access to the Panel enabling the creation of trainings with the possibility of their publication among Users and Participants through Competence Modules and on the Trainer's website,

  7. Users with the role of Business and Trainer have the non-compulsory option of gaining access to the functionalities specified in the Cart, which is associated with the obligation to make periodic payments at the time they are made available by the Operator,

  8. Trainer Page - the page on the Website assigned to the User acting as the Trainer, on which are located, among others, trainings prepared by this Trainer and approved by the Operator,

  9. Participant - a natural person who has been invited to undergo specific Training, exercise, test or other material available on the Website for which the User or Operator gives the right to the Panel,

  10. Active Participant - A Participant who can log in to the Panel and who is subject to a fee in accordance with the Cart by the User,

  11. Archived Participant - a profile of a Participant whose account has been transferred to the archive by the User or Operator and is deactivated, while preserving the choices/statistical data made by that Participant on the Website, and does not allow the Participant to log in, and allows the User to assign in this place another Participant as part of the purchased Package and the Subscription Period,

  12. Cart - a tab on the Website enabling the selection of purchase parameters by selecting the number of Participants, the period of providing Services, the type of Package and additional services from among those offered, indicating the price of each of the Services taking into account the individual parameters selected by the User, directing to payment, with which you can make first order and update of an existing Service and its extension,

  13. Savings - a price rebate which, at the Operator's discretion, may be granted depending on the number of Participants, the Subscription Period, the selected Package or a dedicated discount code, resulting in a reduction of amounts due to the Operator for the Services it provides,

  14. Custom-Made Training – a service enabling the implementation of the methodology, concept, script, graphics, video recordings, administration, consulting, marketing and sales of trainings and other services within the competence scope and implemented by the Operator and entities cooperating with it, for Users and Participants including in particular by the company GroMar Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Łódź, hereinafter referred to as GM (www.gromar.eu), consisting in offering services of qualified staff in the field of, among others, help in the preparation of training for an additional fee, which the User can request in the Panel, and which, if GM makes a decision on its implementation, will be valued and confirmed by email,

  15. Creating Webinars – a service enabling the creation and conducting of an internet seminar conducted and implemented using webcast technology, which enables two-way communication between the person conducting the meeting and its participants, using virtual tools,

  16. Registration – registration on the Website by the User or Participant, which consist of:

  • User Registration – registration on the Website in the role of Business or Trainer, which allows you to give appropriate access to the Panel, as well as to grant Users' rights,

  • Participant Registration – granting access to appropriate Services selected by the User to the natural persons selected by the User and indicated in the Panel or by self-registration on the Trainer's Website

  1. Panel – a set of Services offered to Users through the Website, to which Users gain access after registering on the Website, selecting Services and making payments, and to which Users may grant access to Participants; technical parameters of the Panel may be modified by the Users and Participants and adjusted to their individual needs and expectations,

  2. Login – User's or Participant's email address, which is also his identifier on the Website,

  3. Password - a string of at least eight characters, consisting of letters and numbers, enabling the User to access the Panel,

  4. Trial Period - fourteen consecutive days, during which the Panel is made available to the User registered in the role of Business without having to pay any fees in this respect,

  5. Subscription Period - the time paid in advance by the User for the period specified in the Cart, during which he has the option of using the Panel within the scope selected in the Cart,

  6. Payment - the fee is made for access to the Panel in accordance with the parameters and price specified by the User in the Cart using the Payment Integrator; in the absence or non-extension of a subsequent subscription period by the User, the Operator has the right to limit or disable access to the Panel for the User and the Participant,

  7. Payment Integrator – an entity intermediating in the implementation of payments between the User and the Operator, in the manner and on the terms described in the Payment Regulations,

  8. Competence modules - modules enabling the collection of training needs of Users and Participants,

  9. Organizational unit - an organizational unit created as part of the Panel by the User, e.g. for company X or project group Y.

  10. Publication of the training - The trainer can publish the training he created on the Trainer's Website and in the Panel. Such publication must be accepted or rejected by the Operator, however, if the training is rejected, the Operator is not obliged to indicate the reasons for non-acceptance.

§ 2

  1. The owner of the Website and the entity providing the Services is the Operator.

  2. The Operator may subcontract the Service in whole or in part.

  3. The Operator provides Services consisting, in particular, of providing Users with tools for creating, managing, distributing training and allocating Participants indicated by Users with a value specified in the Cart, whose exact scope depends on the User's individual needs, expressed during the personalization of the Panel.

  4. The scope of the Services offered, together with the related Recurring Fees, are in the Cart found on the Website.

§ 3


  1. With the exception of the Trial Period, the use of the Service is payable, subject to the exceptions explicitly indicated in the Regulations, and the basis for its activation is the payment by the User to the Operator in the amount consistent with the price indicated in the Cart.

  2. The Service may be provided only after registration on the Website, during which the User will provide his true and current data indicated in the registration form.

  3. During Registration on the Website, the User chooses the role they want to perform - Business or Trainer. When registering as a Trainer, the use of the Service is free, unless the Trainer chooses the Paid version in accordance with the Cart.

  4. The paid version can be activated during Registration or at a later time according to the parameters of the Cart.

  5. During User Registration on the Website in the role of Business, the User - by creating a free account on the Trainer's Website - indicates his contact details in the form of an e-mail address and telephone number. These data will be forwarded to the Trainer on whose Trainer Website the User has registered in order to enable him to contact this User.

  6. When ordering the Service, select the type according to the offer in the Cart.

  7. Registering on the Website and making the first payment is understood as the desire to conclude a contract based on which the mutual rights and obligations of the User, Participant and Operator will be implemented.

  8. The scope of the Service provided by the Operator to the User and the Participant is determined by the content of the Cart chosen by the User at the time of payment for the selected Services.

  9. In the event of grounds for the Operator's refusal to conclude the contract, in particular due to technical reasons on the part of the Operator or the Payment Integrator, he may refuse to conclude it, of which he will immediately notify the User via e-mail using the e-mail address provided during Registration. In the event of refusal to conclude the contract, the User will not be charged with any costs and the amount paid by him will be refunded.

  10. If the Operator fails to provide the User with immediate information about the refusal to conclude the contract and its basis, the contract shall be deemed concluded once the payment has been correctly completed. The Operator reserves the right to refuse to conclude a contract also if the Payment Integrator has questioned the payments based on applicable law.

  11. The Operator shall not be liable for delays in the registration process or provision of the Service due to reasons beyond his control, such as booking payments on a bank account.

§ 4

  1. As part of the Services provided, the Operator, in addition to the activities included in § 2 para. 3 of the Regulations, undertakes in particular to:

    1. enable Registration,

    2. maintain the Website and Panel in accordance with the Services ordered by the User to the extent specified and paid in the Cart; increasing the scope of Services offered by the Operator and the introduction by the Operator of solutions aimed at facilitating and improving the use of Services by Users and Participants, shall not affect the obligation to maintain the Website and the Panel in accordance with the Services ordered by the User,

    3. enable logging in to Users and Participants in accordance with the scope of rights assigned to them.

  2. The Operator also provides Services covered by Competence Modules, which in particular consist in:

  1. defining and collecting training and development needs for a given organizational unit,

  2. Users' default consent, which enables the use of Competency Modules by the Participant of a given Organizational Unit, a result of which is the possibility of anonymous updating is enabled, i.e. without the possibility of identifying Users, Participants or Organizational Units, forwarding the list of competences to the Trainer in order to prepare dedicated trainings for these Users,

  3. online training is prepared by the Operator or other Users with the same competencies as indicated by the Participants and Users, which may be offered to them for purchase in their Panel or Information Page

  4. Services provided as part of Competency Modules may be disabled for a given User by selecting the appropriate option in the initial survey or after contacting the Operator.

  1. Regardless of the possibility of creating online trainings, taking into account Competency Modules, the Operator provides Users with an Editor consisting in enabling them to create their own trainings for their own needs, while using them is possible only through the Platform.

  2. The Operator offers Users and Participants a Service in the form of Training on order, whose operating principles in particular consist in:

  1. the possibility of enriching the materials owned by Users or materials made available to them by the Operator by the team responsible for the implementation of the Customized Training Service,

  2. the User submitting a demand for a Custom Training Service using the form available in the Panel,

  3. the User submitting a request, referred to above, directed directly to GM,

  4. the notification made by the User is not binding on GM and may be refused to provide the Service without providing a reason,

  5. after submitting the notification indicated above, in the event of interest in the implementation of the Service, GM performs a valuation of its implementation and provides information on the price and terms of implementation via e-mail to the address provided by the User during Registration,

  6. final confirmation of the commencement of using the Custom Training Service requires the User's approval of the price and conditions indicated by GM, which should also be sent via e-mail to info@gromar.eu or other address provided to the User by GM,

  7. if the User does not approve the price and conditions proposed by GM within 7 days, it is considered that the User is not interested in using the Custom Training Service.

  1. The Operator offers Users and Participants a Service in the form of Creating Webinars, the rules of which in particular consist in:

  1. the ability to create and conduct webinars in two available options

  • free option - available to all Users, regardless of the scope of Services they use, the ability to conduct webinars for up to 25 Participants. The choice of date is limited and dictated by the current availability of the webinar room

  • opcja paid option - the ability to customize the rules of providing the Service to individual needs. In this option, it is necessary to contact the Operator at info@edolando.com

  1. skorzystanie using the Webinar Service by Users and/or Participants is tantamount to their acceptance of the provisions of the Privacy Policy and the Regulations of the Operator's Provision of Services, which can be found at https://clickmeeting.com/pl/legal

  1. Users can choose and use, regardless of the Services described in § 4 para. 1-5, from Additional Services indicated in the Cart.

  1. Services will be provided seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, in accordance with selected parameters specified in the Cart.

  2. The Operator hereby informs that all materials provided to Users and/or Participants in the course of performing the Service on their behalf, are the sole intellectual property of the Operator or have been made available to him with the possibility of further sharing on the basis of relevant agreements concluded with other entities, and therefore are protected in accordance with applicable legal regulations.

  3. The Operator hereby informs that the User is entitled to use the materials made available to him in order to use the Services for their intended purpose and to make them available to Participants only using the Platform and based on its functionality.

  4. Users and Participants in particular are not authorized to share their logins and passwords, either for a fee or free of charge, as well as materials provided to them by third parties, unless the Operator agrees in writing to such sharing.

  5. The Operator ensures the substantive timeliness of materials that it will make available to Users and Participants when they use the Services provided by the Operator. At the same time, the Operator indicates that it does not provide substantive updates of materials that remained in the possession of Users and/or Participants after the end of providing Services to them.

  6. If during the period of provision of Services by the Operator to the User or a Participant, they use their own materials, in particular when creating online trainings or trainings for their own use, the use of these materials may not violate any third party rights. In the event of any claims being raised by third parties against the Operator or GM for breach by Users or Participants, the User undertakes to cover all justified claims, including all costs, including any costs of legal proceedings and legal representation costs incurred by the Operator and/or GM.

  7. Each User agrees to place the User's logo on the Website with information about the Operator's and User's cooperation. Any request to withdraw this consent should be directed to the Operator at info@edolando.com.

  8. During the validity of the purchased Package, the User may change the number of Participants and the Package to a larger one, but for this change to take effect it is necessary to pay the price difference specified in the Cart. The reduction of an already paid Package is also possible, however, it does not result in reimbursement by the Operator to the User.

  9. The change or extension of the Package is effective from the moment the Payment is registered, and if the Subscription User has not used the Subscription Period, it will be added to the newly purchased Subscription Period.

§ 5

  1. The Operator is entitled to introduce technical modifications to the way in which the Service is provided and the Regulations, which are aimed at improving the use of the Services offered by the Operator and/or introducing new Services that will be available to Users and Participants.

  2. The Operator anticipates technical breaks in the functioning of the website and the Services, and for technical reasons, but a technical break lasting no longer than twenty-four hours does not entitle Users and/or Participants to make any claim against the Operator.

  3. The operator provides the necessary technical and organizational measures to minimize the security risk of the Service.

  4. In the event of a technical break in the implementation of the Service lasting more than twenty-four hours, the Operator, at the written request of the User, will extend the Subscription Period by the duration of the technical break.

  5. The Operator is not responsible for non-performance or improper performance of the Service for reasons resulting from actions or omissions of third parties and in the event of force majeure.

  6. The Operator hereby indicates that for the free use of the Services offered by him, the User should have at his disposal technical equipment with technical parameters not lower than: Compatible browsers

  • Chrome (in the latest stable version)

  • Firefox (in the latest stable version)

  • Opera (in the latest stable version)

  • And compatible devices with desktops, notebooks and mobile devices that have access to the Internet.

§ 6

  1. The Operator will issue and send to the User a VAT invoice each time within seven days of receiving the Subscription Fee.

  2. The moment of receiving the Subscription Fee is considered to be the day of its correct execution via the Payment Integrator, which will be confirmed by an appropriate message depending on the chosen form of payment.

  3. In the event of an unnoted Subscription Fee, the Operator will request the User to pay the missing Subscription Fee by sending an appropriate letter to the e-mail address provided by the User during Registration. In the event of non-payment within the period specified in the last reminder, the Operator is entitled to suspend or limit the implementation of the Service for the User and the Participant.

  4. The User bears all the consequences of making an incorrect payment or in a way that hinders its identification, including any possible consequence in the form of suspending the implementation of the Service for the User.

  5. The Operator allows the possibility of applying preferential price conditions for Users who, as part of the Package selected by them, indicate the number of Participants preferred by the Operator and indicated in the Cart. For the avoidance of any doubt, the Operator indicates that this provision only introduces the possibility of applying preferential conditions, without being a source of Obligation for the Operator. Details of any preferential payment terms will be included in the Cart.

§ 7

  1. The contract may be terminated by:

  1. the expiry of the period for which the contract was concluded, i.e. the expiry of the last subscription Period provided for,

  2. termination of the contract by the Operator or the User without giving a reason, subject to a 30-day notice period,

  3. termination of the contract by one of the parties without observing the period of notice, in the event of a gross breach of its obligations, including in particular the obligations set out in the Regulations,

  1. Termination of the contract must be in writing and sent to the other party by registered mail and info@edolando.com to the address provided by it.

  2. In the event of termination of the contract by the User pursuant to § 7 para. 1(b) of the Regulations, the User shall not be entitled to a refund for payment made to the Operator in order to gain access to the Service.

§ 8

  1. All complaints related to the provision of Services by the Operator should be directed to the email address info@edolando.com or to the Operator's correspondence address: Rdeo sp. z o.o. : ul. Złota 7/18, 00-019 Warszawa.

  2. Due to the specificity of the Webinar Creation Service in the free option, in particular its free nature, the Operator does not provide the possibility of submitting a complaint in the event of non-operation or malfunctioning of this Service.

  3. The complaint may be filed within fourteen days from the date of the event of the Operator's fault which caused damage to the User, in particular consisting in finding incorrect, i.e. not consistent with the description of the Service contained in the Regulations on the Website, operation of the Service.

  4. The damage suffered by the User, for which the Operator may be liable, covers only incurred losses, excluding lost profits.

  5. A complaint, in order to be considered by the Operator, should contain at least:

  1. name and surname of the User and his login, and the login of the Participant, if the Participant was affected by the event covered by the complaint - in the case of a User who is a natural person


  1. the User's company and its login, and the Participant's login, if the Participant was affected by the event covered by the complaint - in the case of a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality,

  2. User's residence address - in the case of a natural person


  1. address of the User's registered office - in the case of a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality,

  2. a detailed description of the reasons underlying the complaint

  1. The settlement of the complaint may consist in its consideration - the Operator will then propose corrective actions that will be aimed at repairing the damage suffered by the User, or considering the complaint as unfounded.

  2. The complaint will be considered within 14 business days of its receipt, and the User will be notified of the outcome via the email address provided during Registration on the Website.

  3. The User submits in the form of a complaint both their own reservations regarding the Services rendered and the Participants' reservations. The Participant may independently file a complaint only if the User has purchased an additional HelpDesk Service from the Operator, which has been described in the Cart.

  4. If the User does not accept the position presented by the Operator in the settlement of the complaint, he has the right to submit a request for re-examination of the case, via e-mail, within seven days of the date of receipt of the settlement of the complaint.

  5. If the User submits an application for reconsideration of the case, the Operator shall take a position on this application within fourteen days of its receipt. This position will be sent to the User to the email address provided by him during Registration on the Website.

  6. The position presented by the Operator regarding the application for re-examination of the case is final in the course of the complaint procedure.

  7. The User may assert claims against the Operator only after exhausting the complaint procedure provided for in the Regulations.

  8. Complaints about payments made by Users are considered based on the provisions of this section (§ 8), subject to the provisions contained in § 5 of the Payment Regulations.

§ 9

  1. The Parties allow the exchange of correspondence in order to implement mutual rights and obligations via electronic mail, unless the Regulations or other document shaping mutual rights and obligations indicate otherwise.

  2. All disputes arising in the course of the implementation of mutual rights and obligations will be settled by a common court in the local jurisdiction of the Operator.

  3. By registering and ordering the service, the User declares that he has read and accepts the rights and obligations arising from the Regulations.

  4. The Operator informs that in order to fully use the Services it offers, in addition to the need to accept these Regulations, it is also necessary to accept the Privacy Policy and Payment Regulations. Making a payment to the Operator is tantamount to acceptance of the provisions of the Payment Regulations.

  5. The invalidity of any of the provisions of the Regulations does not invalidate the entire Regulations, but only the invalid provision, which will be replaced by provisions corresponding to the intentions of the parties.

  6. In the event of any changes to the Regulations, the Operator shall notify this fact via the Website at least seven days before the planned date of entry into force of these changes. The Operator informs that the introduction of changes in the content of the Regulations may also be caused by the requirements of entities cooperating with the Operator, including in particular the handling of payments made by Users.