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At EDOLANDO, we help small businesses and large organizations develop their employees and educate their clients in the simplest way possible.

Our user-friendly LMS platforms, e-learning courses, and highly engaging multimedia projects make it easy for you to achieve your training goals quickly, no matter what industry you operate in.

Learning Management System

The e-learning platform facilitates the knowledge management process in your organization. With EDOLANDO, you can quickly and efficiently implement the necessary tools for organizing online training. We will help you speed up and automate the training processes, from delivering educational materials to generating certificates and reports with results. With our LMS platform, you can easily plan your online training from A to Z.

And if you are looking for more advanced and personalized solutions, we will create your own dedicated e-learning platform. Whether you represent a small organization or a large corporation, we will find a solution tailored to your needs.

Dla małych firm

For small businesses

A simple, intuitive, and easy-to-implement LMS platform. Share training, manage participants, and plan the development process.

Dla dużych organizacji

For large organizations

A dedicated e-learning platform with additional options. Personalized and fully customized to meet your needs.


Online Courses

At EDOLANDO, we can help you effectively develop your team's competencies through modern online training. Invest in our ready-made online courses from a wide range of products, including management courses, sales courses, marketing courses, safety and health courses, IDD, GDPR, and many more.

Do you need a unique solution tailored to the specifics of your business? We can prepare custom online training for participants in your development programs, increasing their engagement and motivation.

Szkolenia gotowe

Ready-made trainings

Do you need to provide your employees with essential knowledge here and now? Are you interested in a specific training topic? Do you need to train your team in soft skills or mandatory topics in your business? Take advantage of our ready-made courses that will help satisfy the needs of your employees and quickly bring expected results.

Szkolenia dedykowane

Tailor-made trainings

Does your company have specific training needs? Do you have your own educational materials that you want to turn into attractive, multimedia e-learning courses? We have excellent specialists in this field! Save time and costs associated with creating online courses on your own. We'll do it for you! And if you don't have your own content, we'll find the right expert to create the best materials!



We don't specialize only in e-learning courses. Do you need something that will encourage and motivate your employees or customers to take action? Solutions that will help you present your products or services in an innovative and attractive way?


Custom multimedia productions

Take advantage of custom multimedia solutions. Especially for you, we'll prepare engaging explainer videos and instructional films, as well as virtual tours, modern animations, and 3D models. We know modern technologies and we know how to extract the most out of them for the best customer satisfaction.


VR and AR

Do you want to introduce virtual or augmented reality to your company? Are you looking for a solution that will actually take your employees or customers to another world and allow them to immerse themselves in a specific reality?


We'll help you implement
VR and AR technology

We know exactly how to combine attractive entertainment with education and how to use it to meet the expectations of the most demanding training participants. With them in mind, we prepare dedicated training based on virtual or augmented reality.


Solutions for trainers

Are you a trainer or course creator and want to sell your training? We'll provide you with your own online store.



Use one system to create, share, and sell your online courses in various formats. Video training, SCORM courses, presentations or PDF files, and even the option to conduct webinars. All in one tool to reach clients and grow your online business.

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