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E-learning training

We have created a range of multimedia training programs for clients from various industries, from medicine and pharmacy, through banking and finance, to logistics and manufacturing. We design training from A to Z according to the individual needs of our clients. Each training is of the highest quality and provides a unique educational experience for users. Check out the most interesting examples of our training programs.

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multimedia projects


We use modern solutions that engage, motivate, and support employees in the process of acquiring knowledge. Thanks to simple 2D animations, narrative-based training games, virtual reality and many more projects. 


Cooperation with partners

We know that the success of our clients is based on strong collaboration with the best e-learning specialists. We focus on partnership to achieve the best results in our actions. Together we can do much more!

GroMar Ltd. is the biggest company among our polish business partners. The GroMar team carries out a number of large-scale projects for both large companies and public sector institutions.

Check out the most interesting projects of our collaborators and see what we can do together for you!

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