For beginners is an integrated LMS platform and module for creating training courses online. With this platform, you can, among other things: manage participants, give them permissions, share training courses. The Editor allows you to create your own online training courses.

You can try out free of charge for 14 days. After this period, you need to select one of the available bundles and make a payment.

Free trial allows you to familiarize yourself with all of the features offered in Business bundle. You can opt-out of any further use of the product at any time (at no cost) or extend the subscription.

In order to create an account, go to website and submit your email address. During the next step, we will ask you to input your phone number, which we will use to send you a one-off token with a password. After that you will need to choose the type of the account: free 14-day trial or one of the available paid bundles.

You need to register for training to be able to participate in it. The administrator is able to assign others to training. The administrator can select appropriate option to allow the participants to register for training on their own.


Your e-mail address is your login and you cannot change it. In order to change the password, after logging in to the platform click on your avatar with username and choose “Change password” option.

You can change your name, surname, password, language and competencies. To do that, click on your avatar, “My profile” and modify the desired part.

If you want to modify invoice details, after logging in click on your avatar and choose “payment history”, then in the “invoice details” section choose “Edit”. To confirm, press “Next”.

We will send an activation link to your email address, enabling you to register on the platform.

To recover your password, go to the login page: and choose “Forgot password”. Enter your email address and we will send you a link that will enable you to change the password.

In order to log in, simply go to and input your login and password that you determined during registration.

In this case make sure that your login was typed in correctly and that “caps lock” option is turned off. You can always use chat, Edolando Experts will check whether your account exists in the system.


Each bundle contains a different range of features that allow you to manage knowledge and share training materials. Details on the contents of all bundles can be found in the cart after logging in to the platform.

To change the bundle, after logging in to the platform select UPGRADE BUNDLE and go to cart. You can modify the number of participants and the duration of subscription. If you only want to switch to a different bundle, select the one you’re interested in. Proceed to payment.

The number of participants determines how many people you want to invite to They will be given access to the platform and will be able to take part in training.

Yes. You can freely modify the bundle and the number of participants during the subscription period and after its termination.

Yes. You can modify the number of participants and extend your subscription with the same bundle.


In case of a 14-day trial, you can pay at any time during the trial period or after its termination to continue using Edolando. During the registration of a paid account, we will immediately ask you for payment. When renewing the account, you’ll be asked to choose your bundle and pay right away.

You can pay for 1, 6 or 12-month period. You can also choose “CURRENT” option, in order to maintain the validity of previous subscription.

Discount depends on the number of participants and innovativeness of the project. For details, contact us using chat or email.

We accept credit cards, online bank transfers and PayPal one-time or recurring payment.

No, it is enough that the administrator and participants accept the regulations and privacy policies.

Creating learning courses

No. Set up a free coaching account and create your trainings with no limit.

At the moment SCORM 1.2. is the available format.

To create your own course, after logging in go to training course creator.

Yes, you can upload any image (.jpg, .jpeg, .png), audio (.mp3), video (.mp4), text (.pdf) or presentation (.pptx) file.

You can change the look of your training at any time, with the exception of screen resolution.

No. You can only change the text and the type of a question.

Choose RWD as your resolution during the training course creation. Then you will be able to switch between 5 view modes, to adjust the look on the go.

It’s best to save modifications after you create each screen.


If you wish to cancel the service and completely remove your account and all of your personal details from the system, contact us at

With expired subscription your access to the platform will be limited and your participants will be prohibited from logging in. If you want to keep using, renew your subscription and make a payment.

To regain access to Edolando, choose the appropriate bundle and make a payment. If the administrator does not submit the required payment, invited participants will not be able to log in to the platform.

Yes. You can always count on support from Experts. Depending on the chosen bundle, you’ll receive assistance by: e-mail (PLUS bundle), e-mail and chat (PREMIUM bundle), e-mail, phone and chat (Business bundle).

Notify us on chat, we will respond immediately. Alternatively, you can send us a message at

Notify us on chat, we will respond immediately. Alternatively, you can send us a message at

Notify us on chat or send message to

It’s possible that data will not be saved. In that case, the training will have to be taken from the beginning. Additionally, we recommend logging out from the platform and then logging in again, to ensure correct operation of the platform.