Knowledge management

Manage knowledge, courses and training process in one place thanks to the e-learning platform.


You pay only for active users who have access to the platform. You can set their number freely and change it at any time.


Adapt the platform to your business, add your own subdomain, login window, company logo.

Advanced permissions

You decide who can use the training and set access levels for individual users, groups and structures.


E-learning training means a larger scale of operations and higher work standards in your company, regardless of whether you have 20, 200 or 2,000 employees.

E-learning platform for business


Courses placed on the e-learning platform provide access to knowledge that can be used at any time.

Exercises, tests and surveys

Take care of knowledge verification, collect feedback, carry out surveys and meet the needs of employees.


You add or import a database of users who are to have access to training materials and communicate with them in many ways.


Monitor employee progress, involvement and development, their participation in webinars or stationary training.

A full range of training for your team

Don't limit yourself to one form


Use online courses available in the form of video, webinars, podcasts, pdf files, PowerPoint, SCORM.


Closed training available only to employees of the company and oriented on the subject of its activities.


Courses available in the Edolando training library, which you can buy for your employees and make available on the platform.


You can enrich traditional training with online materials available on the platform and improve the processes of managing stationary trainings.


Use an external training library that you can share with your employees and automate the collection of training needs.


Publicly available courses in which employees can also attend outside of business hours according to individual needs.

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