E-learning platform, a marketplace for online and stationary courses, or both

Full freedom of choice

Training platform

You have everything you need to manage knowledge in your team. From adding users, creating internal training or webinars, to collecting training needs, reporting and branding.


If you need to develop specific skills, you will find online and stationary courses in the marketplace that you can order for your employees. You pay for individual access to the training.


The e-learning platform together with the Courseshop enables comprehensive management of participants, access to training and integration of internal and external materials. All in one tool.

One system that simplifies the training processes in your organization

Integrated training materials

Internal materials (video, audio, PDF, SCORM, webinars, stationary training, tests, surveys) that you upload or create yourself and external materials purchased from training providers. You can integrate all objects and efficiently manage them within one system.

Control of remote training groups

You add or import people individually or from a database, give them permissions and access to training materials. You don't have to worry about redeploying employees from different locations. Manage their access and track progress regardless of their location.

Reporting before and after training

Meet the training needs of participants before buying training to provide them with the knowledge they need. Monitor their activities, check their involvement and effectiveness, e.g. presence on webinars or stationary trainings.


Customize the e-learning platform to your brand image using a subdomain, personalization of the login screen and company colors. Create notification templates and send messages from your own email box.

E-learning platform + marketplace = all in one place

How does it work?

You buy any training in the marketplace and/or access to the platform for any number of people.

You get access to the administration panel.

You add or import users and save them for training.

Users receive an invitation to activate the account on the e-learning platform and participate in the training.

You buy another training course or create your own internal materials.

Take your business to the next level and explore additional opportunities

You don't have to limit yourself

Blended learning

You can supplement e-learning training with an individual consultation with a trainer or add an online test after the stationary training. Mix and experiment freely!

Advanced permissions

Assign participants to groups and structures, decide who will receive access to individual internal and external training materials. You can save all or only selected ones.

Automated communication

Send automated notifications and autoresponders, reminders to pass the training, complete post-training surveys and other messages depending on time or status.

Training support

You can count on our support in operating the system and preparing online courses. You will receive the necessary tips and materials to help you get started effectively.

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