Online courses (video, SCORM, PDF, audio), webinars and stationary training, which you can create directly in the system or choose and order from the store’s available offers.

Blended learning

Each training course can be enriched with online or offline elements, e.g. tests and surveys, which will help you increase the satisfaction and involvement of participants.


Add or import people individually or from a database, grant access to internal and external training, and manage permissions for employees, partners and clients.


Monitor participant training activities, explore their training needs, check engagement and progress, e.g. presence on webinars or stationary training.


Use integration with ClickMeeting, Vimeo, Spreaker, SMS API and create diverse content. You have everything in one system.

A comprehensive knowledge and development management system

Integrated modules that will help you complete the entire training process

E-learning platform with easy access

You can quickly create and publish your own training or provide training materials for selected groups and people.

Marketplace module

Training library, online store, and brand zone - all you need to complete the process of buying and selling courses.


Create your own subdomain, upload any photo on the login screen, change colours and notification templates, and send messages from your own email box.


Use different communication channels to effectively reach participants, remind you of training, send follow ups, collect feedback or perform periodic assessment.

A training system for your employees, clients and partners

Higher efficiency and faster processes, saving time and costs

Integrated internal and external training

Private company materials, presentations, webinars, podcasts, trainings purchased in the marketplace, you can efficiently manage all materials in one place.

Flexibility in operation

The business model allows you to efficiently change the number of participants and manage their access to training materials.

You don't need to know e-learning

Easy access to the training platform allows you to upload, purchase and provide participants with the necessary training materials without having any professional knowledge.

Start immediately

You don't waste time on unnecessary formalities, legal regulations or complicated implementation. After registration, you can act immediately and configure the system in a few minutes.

Our Clients

Customer Reviews

``Stopping learning is tantamount to a loss of competitiveness, falling revenues and rising costs. That is why I have introduced a short training system in my company on the Edolando.com platform. The trainings last for 5-10 minutes and are published every few days, thanks to which our team gladly takes part in them, for which they receive awards (trophies). The authors of the training are our employees who are happy to share their knowledge and experience.``
Krzysztof Błażowski - CEO globalo.pl and okapykuchenne.pl
``The Edolando platform is used for implementation as well as for expanding the knowledge and skills of our employees. Thanks to the possibility of testing and clear reports, we have a clear picture of the effectiveness of our trainings and employee knowledge. The platform is used not only by employees from Poland but also from six foreign offices: the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Italy and Hungary. We also value this tool for the service, all our comments are immediately clarified, our comments are often implemented and become a standard solution.``
Dominika Bulka - Marketing Specjalist at MercatorMedicall
`` We bought 54 online training courses in sales, law, management, personal development and leadership at Edolando.com, which we made available to 300 people during the first three months of cooperation. We predict that this number will grow for at least the next few years. We value the flexible business model of access to the platform and support in the selection of trainings that have enabled us to effectively manage the user base in a given period. At Edolando.com, we also appreciate the constant contact and understanding of our needs. ``
Janusz Wala - Online Group
``Professional technical support and quick problem solving are the most important features that can be expected after working with a company that provides E-learning solutions. This is also the case with Edolando. The scope of editing training and their personalization according to the client's preferences should certainly be emphasized. This has a huge impact on the quality of delivered materials. I recommend Edolando.com as a provider of a proven E-learning solution that fully meets the expectations of both Polish and foreign clients``
Mateusz Kubiak - RedTulip

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