Manage the entire training process effectively by freely combining stationary and online training.


Create your own online training using exercises, movies, graphics or animations.


Immediate access to courses located on the e-learning platform.

A training platform for your company

Develop employees, accelerate processes and create a company knowledge base

Buy, upload, order or create

Many possibilities of access to the online and stationary training palette.


Strengthen the company's image and employer branding activities through a personalized platform, e-mail templates and subdomain.

Collect training needs

Accelerate and automate the process of collecting training needs and competences from employees.

Business model

Pay only for users who have active access to the platform.

Platforma szkoleniowa dla Twojej firmy

A platform for the trainer

Create, publish and sell training to the business sector

Platforma dla trenera

Reach business customers

Create and publish online and stationary training to reach employees of companies from the SME sector and corporations.

Individual training platform

Take care of your branding and build the brand of a modern trainer.

Own website

Your sales page integrated with the training platform.

Free coaching account

Take advantage of access to the platform and create training without any fees!

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