One system to support your training

E-learning platform and marketplace for online and stationary courses

Create and sell different types of courses. Online training, video, audio, SCORM, stationary training, webinars, podcasts, PDF presentations, e-books.

You decide about the length of training access and set the appropriate price range depending on whether the course is to be available for a year or a month.

Develop a personal brand and build a trainer’s image using your own brand page, platform personalization, notification templates and email box.

You receive a report with a list of competences required in companies and information about interest in your courses and you always know when someone wants to take part in them.

See how quickly you can start

Free account

You set up a trainer account, use the ready-made legal form, complete formalities and activate online payments.

Creating training

You upload training materials that you already have, create an online course or stationary training from scratch.


You add a description, agenda and demo and publish your training in the marketplace.


You run your own online store integrated with the platform and oversee the entire process from design to sale.

Your primary or secondary sales channel

You don't need to know the technology

E-commerce module

Your brand zone and online store where you manage sales of training, monitor orders, statuses and have information about your customers.

Recurring payments

Make one-time or recurring sales. You decide whether to sell the entire course right away or on a subscription.

Property rights

Your training is your creativity. You retain full property rights to the trainings you have created.

Packaged training

Set the scope of the course to be available after purchase. Video only, audio only, or video + audio as one product?

A platform for managing all types of training


Create online courses yourself using many available formats (audio, video, SCORM, PDF, PowerPoint, webinars, tests, surveys, exercises).


Organize and sell stationary training with limited number availability.

Blended learning

Enrich traditional trainings with e-learning and add exercises, surveys and online tests to them.


Conduct closed trainings, available only to your clients using the platform.


Publish open trainings, available to everyone and build your own customer base.

Do you need additional solutions?

Choose a business account and use the features that will help you develop your personal brand

Managing training participants

Take advantage of advanced assigning rights to service many of your clients. Grant access to entire structures, groups or individual users.

Multiple sharing

Thanks to the copy and move function, you can easily and quickly share prepared materials for many different training groups.

Automated communication

You communicate through specific training groups, send automated notifications and autoresponders depending on the time or status of the training.

Full reporting

You monitor training activities, student engagement and progress. You know the level of interest in your training.

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