A platform you can control

You don't need to know the technology

Publication of trainings

Use a free account and create unlimited training. You don't need to know coding.


Website and platform hosting on the Edolando.com website included in the price.

Trainer's website

A ready sales page for the trainer with training information, integrated with the training platform.

Your branding

Customize the platform to your branding by personalizing the login window, own subdomain and integration with the sales page.

You can use the platform as a sales channel

Create, publish and sell your training to managers, HR departments and employees of SMEs and corporations


Create online courses yourself using many available formats (audio, video, SCORM, pdf, PowerPoint, webinars, tests, surveys, exercises).


Conduct closed training, available only to employees of the company and focused on their individual needs.


Add your training to the Edolando.com database to reach business clients, corporate employees and SMEs.


Enrich traditional training with blended learning elements and add exercises, surveys and tests online.


Publish open trainings open to everyone and build your own customer base.


Use training to promote your brand, check market needs and reach business customers.

Create your training platform in 30 seconds!

Use advanced permissions for entire structures, groups or individual users.

Thanks to the copy and move function, you can easily and quickly share prepared materials for many different training groups.

You communicate through specific training groups, send automated notifications and autoresponders depending on the time or status of the training.

See what competencies companies need and which of your trainings their employees are interested in.

Start cooperating with Edolando.com to distribute your trainings for employees of SMEs and corporations

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